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i just looked through the entry posted on the main lj page
about two users who fell in love! their story is really really cute
and i had ice cream at the same place in boston they did!
yep, well today flew by
i went to the hockey game with greta to meet up with maggie and colby
(who btw, she gets a two thumbs up for this one) 
he's really sweet and nice and it was good to get to know him
then sasha came towards the end
and let me say, by the end of that game we could list who about 
7 of the players were, and everyone else blended in together
exeter was playiing on the rink next to us, and i saw matt pope
who reminded me of someone else, and i prayed dear lord i wouldn't happen to see
someone who is currently his friend, and greta was as much relieved as i was
to not see him, because i would have thrown up on her
speaking of throwing up, if i see heather or angela or kevin or basically anyone 
else at mb, i will throw up as well, which is why grets and i are getting jobs at
water country! lifeguards that is which is something i've never done but 
have wanted to try
and guys would be great
i guess theres applications online, so i'll be checking it out

so much for snowboarding this weekend
and my hands hurt from guitar hero greta and i rocked out on
so thats it for today!

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