gonna make you a lover (cheap_desirez) wrote,
gonna make you a lover

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history starts now

last night is such a blur
all the emotions i had for lyle spilled out of me 
i dont know when i fell asleep
ive never felt that hurt and that upset over a person like this
i needed last night to happen though
i needed to just tear him apart in my mind
like he tore me apart mentally and physically
you wont see this girl crying over him ever again

reality finally set in and i'm completely over him

from all of this i've learned a lot
a whole lot
that just because a guy "flirts with you" 
doesnt mean anything
you need to give it more time
don't rush into anything
don't make the decision that this is the guy for you after the first date
give it a few more so you know you both feel the same way for eachother
and if he doesn't call you back 
for whatever the reason
that's a major sign he doesnt feel the same you do
leave him. he's not worth running after

i dont ever want to feel this humiliated 
ever again, so im keeping my guard up
its a new year and im starting over
loveee can come find me
ill be waiting patiently :)

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